What IS AssessUMC, and what can you expect from it?

“This has been the best assessment tool I have used. The process has given me and the church leaders a common goal and a positive direction to move the church forward. I believe that if you follow the assessment process, go into it with a positive and open mind, and are willing to listen, pastors and churches will find this process to be exciting and productive.”
Rev. Andy Condor

Pastor, St. Francis UMC (Charlotte)

When a pastor understands accurately the priorities and perceptions of his or her church, that pastor is more likely to provide the leadership that church needs.

AssessUMC is a remarkably efficient tool to help pastors and congregations achieve that. It has been tested and proven in our Conference.

It works.

  • Step 1 is an online questionnaire that asks each current leader which pastoral behaviors will best move the church forward.
    The questionnaire takes each leader just 5 minutes to complete.
  • Step 2 is for the pastor to review and clarify the leaders’ collective perceptions. The pastor then creates, presents, and implements a plan he/she discerns is right for the church.
    You can expect improved dialogue, greater alignment, and specific results.

Unlike other tools, AssessUMC™ is NOT about evaluating the past. It is a process to gain agreement on the specific actions that will move each church forward.

“AssessUMC was greeted with a bit of suspicion, yet Crossfire entered into the process wholeheartedly. The two critical needs identified were 1) pastoral care and 2) what the church needs to thrive and grow.

  • We first developed four volunteer staff positions in congregational care, homelessness and addiction, & administration and facilities. They are HIS Staff — Honored Instead of Salaried.
  • Next, Crossfire entered into 30 days of prayer to consider Transformational Housing for addiction-challenged moms with children, those coming from domestic violence shelters, returning citizens, graduates of recovery programs or halfway houses, veterans, and the homeless.

AssessUMC was both the stimulus and structure to facilitate these discussions and developments.”

Alan Rice

Pastor, Crossfire UMC (N. Wilkesboro)

The AssessUMC tool, along with Dr. Penny’s insights, spurred our SPRC to a more focused conversation around pastoral needs and how our congregation can partner with the pastor. The conversation yielded greater clarity of Vision for our future.
Rev. Noel Sweezy

First UMC on CommonGround

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